A quiet revolution in faith schooling

In a leafy suburb on the outskirts of Glasgow, a quiet revolution in faith schooling is under way.

Pupils and teachers in Newton Mearns might be counting down the weeks till the summer holidays but come the autumn they launch a bold experiment. For around 650 youngsters will start the next school year at a new multi-denominational campus, located across from Mearns Castle High School.

It will be home to Calderwood Lodge, a Jewish primary school currently situated in Newlands on the south side of Glasgow, and St Clare’s, a new Catholic primary which will draw its 444 pupils in part from the roll of St Cadoc’s. It is believed to be the first facility of its kind in the world. The £18.2 million campus will allow the two schools to retain their individual identities, with their own classrooms, headteachers, and parent-teacher councils.

But the two buildings will be joined by an atrium where children from both schools will be able to socialise, as well as a common playground and shared facilities for sports, art, science, music and drama.

Continue reading in the Scottish Catholic Observer

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