Hate Crime Bill


A collection of my articles on the Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Bill introduced in the Scottish Parliament on April 23, 2020, by SNP justice secretary Humza Yousaf MSP. 

The SNP’s Orwellian Hate Crime Bill

The Spectator, October 28, 2020


The SNP’s hate crime u-turn isn’t enough

The Spectator, September 23, 2020


How the Tories can stop the SNP’s hate crime bill

The Spectator, September 8, 2020


Could Scotland’s hate crime bill make depictions of Mohammed illegal?

The Spectator, September 4, 2020


Scots poll in favour of free expression

The Spectator, August 23, 2020


Scotland’s Hate Crime Bill would have a chilling effect on free speech

The Spectator, August 22, 2020


The SNP’s Hate Crime Bill is turning the law into a culture war

The Spectator, August 11, 2020


Far-right thugs embolden SNP illiberalism

The Spectator, June 18, 2020


Scotland’s chilling new blasphemy law

The Spectator, May 12, 2020


Law is a blunt tool for fighting hatred

Scottish Daily Mail, April 27, 2020

Feature image by Лечение наркомании from Pixabay.

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