Munroe Bergdorf and the left’s monopoly on morality

Munroe Bergdorf has resigned as Labour’s LGBT adviser after just one week in the job. Her appointment looked quite promising until it emerged she had deployed ‘butch lezza’ as an insult, joked that she’d like to ‘gay bash’ a TV character, and described gay Tory men as ‘a special kind of dickhead’. ‘Ever find that sometimes you’re just NOTContinue reading “Munroe Bergdorf and the left’s monopoly on morality”

How Ruth could make devolution deliver for Scots – and for the Tories

Day Five of my icy internment and it’s starting to get to me. I have not succumbed to cabin fever but something much worse: reality television. The news channels are filled with images of the nation brought to a snowbound halt and updates on Brexit. I am no longer sure which is which. So IContinue reading “How Ruth could make devolution deliver for Scots – and for the Tories”

Cancelled trains? Must be virtue signalling problems

Question time at Holyrood began with a solemn statement from the First Minister.  Her tone recalled those disaster movies where the US President makes his final stoic address to the nation as an asteroid hurtles to Earth or a barrage of Kremlin warheads zeroes in on New York. She intoned: ‘Conditions such as those thatContinue reading “Cancelled trains? Must be virtue signalling problems”