If the fight to lead Labour took place in my garden – I’d draw the curtains

Amid the weary laments that politics in the age of Trump and Brexit has become too interesting, it is reassuring to know that torpor still has a place. Scottish Labour is doing its all to prove it with a seemingly interminable leadership contest of studied banality. Following unexpected gains in the General Election and aContinue reading “If the fight to lead Labour took place in my garden – I’d draw the curtains”

Whenever politicians call for consensus, hide your cash

Whenever a politician calls for consensus, hide your wallet. Nothing good ever comes of the words ‘cross-party cooperation’. Working together is the surest sign they’re up to no good because, for all their grudges and enmities, the one thing they agree on is that more of your money should be in their hands. Nicola SturgeonContinue reading “Whenever politicians call for consensus, hide your cash”

Neither bank of the Jordan

‘Two banks has the Jordan,’ runs Ze’ev Jabotinsky’s verse of Revisionist Zionism. ‘This is ours and that is as well.’ The Betar leader’s vision of Eretz Yisrael Hashlemah exists today only in songs sung by old men who remember, barely, when the lyrics carried possibility rather than lament. Even on the nationalist Right, the EastContinue reading “Neither bank of the Jordan”