A weary list of recycled pledges… no wonder the Greens love the SNP

Ever had the feeling that you’ve been somewhere before? That notion that what you are seeing or hearing is elusively familiar? Call it deja vu or groundhog day, the effect can be disorienting and so it was yesterday at Holyrood when Nicola Sturgeon unveiled her Programme for Government.  This was the First Minister’s keenly-anticipated, game-changing […]

Who are the contenders to lead Scottish Labour?

They both went to private school but were drawn to Left-wing politics. Now, Anas Sarwar and Richard Leonard are in a battle for the leadership of Scottish Labour following the shock resignation of Kezia Dugdale. Here, STEPHEN DAISLEY examines what the two pretenders to the throne believe and asks what do they offer their party […]

SNP foreign forays are about selling independence, not Irn-Bru to Indians

It might have escaped your attention but we appointed a new ambassador to the United States last week.  Fans of the incumbent Sir Kim Darroch needn’t fear; he remains in post. By ‘we’ I mean Scotland. Joni Smith was announced as the Scottish Affairs Counsellor to North America at the same time as Martin McDermott […]